How to Choose the Right Heating System for Your Home

There are many factors to consider when selecting a heating service for your home in Kingston. Between energy efficiency, cost, space limitations, and appearance, homeowners can become overwhelmed with the various heating service options available.

Our team at Toshack is experienced in a variety of different heating systems, and we have used our expertise to help homeowners choose the perfect heating service.

Inspect your home’s potential for energy efficiency

A poorly insulated home will drastically reduce the energy efficiency of any heating service. Homeowners who are not in need of an emergency heating service should take advantage of this extra time by properly insulating the home before looking for a new heating service. A well-insulated home will allow you to explore more heating options and save money on heating bills.

Consider your current heating service

Homeowners may be limited to a few heating options depending on their current heating service. For example, a furnace can be difficult to replace with a boiler system, and vice-versa. Ask our experts about which option makes the most sense for your home.

Choose your fuel

Heating services run on a variety of different fuels, and their attributes should be taken into consideration when choosing a heating service. These energy sources include electric, oil, natural gas, wood, and propane. Electric furnaces are the most energy-efficient, using 100% of their energy for heat. A wood powered furnace is one of the more environmentally friendly options as it makes use of spare timber resources. Oil is the traditional method for powering boilers and furnaces; however, a furnace replacement can go a long way in increasing energy efficiency, as oil heating technology has greatly improved in recent years.

Choose a distribution method

Heating services come in the form of on-demand boilers, mini-split systems, heat pumps, garage heaters, and many others. Boilers from great brands such as Lennox and NTI offer homeowners a well-distributed heating service throughout the home with minimal noise, whereas a furnace is a great option for those who are looking for premium air quality and precise temperature control. Brands like Lennox and Trane also offer great ductless heat pump options, which take up minimal space and can be used both as a cooling and heating service for homeowners.

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