Why Should You Prepare Your Furnace for Winter?

A working furnace is essential to getting through cold Brockville and Kingston winters by providing you with a warm, comfortable living space. Homeowners are encouraged to avoid emergency furnace repairs and unsafe temperatures inside the home by preparing their furnaces for the coldest months ahead of time.

Our team of furnace experts at Toshack has described some of the reasons why you should prepare your furnace for the winter.

Keep your home warm

The most obvious reason for preparing your furnace before the cold weather hits is to ensure your furnace is functioning properly so that you can warm up your home when needed. Testing your furnace on a regular basis by turning up the thermostat will allow you to monitor the system for potential wiring, blower, fan, or heat pump problems. Calling a professional HVAC service in Brockville and Kingston while it is still relatively warm outside means that you will not be forced to call for an emergency furnace repair once the coldest weather is here.

Avoid costly repairs and replacements

We often forget to maintain our furnaces during the warm months; however, the air filters which keep your furnace running properly should be changed or washed (if you own a permanent filter) every 1-3 months. If your filter becomes clogged, it can lead to a buildup of particles, which may require an expensive emergency furnace repair or replacement. Homeowners in Kingston and Brockville can also find great deals on filters by preparing during warm weather.

Prevent fires

Leaving a mess around your furnace can be extremely dangerous, as surrounding items may catch fire once the furnace begins emitting heat. One important way to prepare your furnace for the winter is to clear the space around it before switching the heating function on.

Combat carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide is extremely difficult to detect, yet it is exceedingly dangerous if leaks occur. Carbon monoxide leaks can be avoided by hiring a professional to brush out the heat exchanger and look for dangerous cracks and openings.

Keep your air clean

A major benefit of preparing your furnace for winter is ensuring the distribution of clean, pure air throughout your home. Air vents and ducts should be cleaned regularly throughout the year so that the warm air from your furnace does not circulate debris around your home.

Emergency Repairs and Furnace Services

Is your furnace in need of repair or replacement? Our team at Toshack knows the importance of preparing your home for cold Brockville and Kingston winters with a fully functioning furnace. Call us today at 1-888-547-6162 to request a free quote