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Toshack has worked hard to earn our customers trust and we are continually working to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Positive word-of-mouth from satisfied and long-time customers is the greatest compliment that any business can receive.

Without our satisfied customers we would not have succeeded for 94 years. When you refer family members, friends, co-workers and neighbors we want to say thank you with a simple token of our appreciation.

How the ‘Refer a Friend’ program works:

  • Tell a friend who might need any of our services – air conditioning or heating
  • When your friend contacts Toshack, make sure that he / she mentions YOU by name.
  • If your friend becomes a NEW Toshack Service customer by purchasing any full price service agreement or uses our company for a paid service call, we will send YOU a $25 cheque as a thank you. If you refer a new customer who purchases any Furnace or Air Conditioning System we will send you a $100 cheque as a thank you!

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