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Furnace Replacement & Repair Tips: 5 Issues & How to Fix Them

When it comes to your furnace, the more attention you can give it, the longer it will last. That’s why investing in regular furnace maintenance services is essential. Annual service can help prevent the need for furnace replacement and minimize costly repairs that could cause interruption of service down the road.

However, one of the most important aspects of furnace maintenance is recognizing when yours is having issues. It isn’t always easy to tell when there’s a problem with your furnace, especially if you’re not an expert like the team from Toshack, so we’ve collected some helpful clues for you.

Here are five signs your furnace is in need of repairs or replacement ASAP!

1. Furnace Isn’t Producing Enough Heat

If your furnace isn’t putting out enough heat or doesn’t seem to be putting out any heat at all, it may be an issue with your home’s breaker. box Try resetting your breaker to see if this does the trick and gets your furnace started again. Often, the breaker for the furnace could have been tripped and switching it back on will do the trick. If not, it could be an issue with your furnace or breakers’ wiring and might need to be inspected by a furnace repair professional.

Another common issue to look out for if your furnace isn’t producing enough heat is its filter. Often, a dirty furnace filter will clog its vents and decrease its efficiency, so be sure to inspect this as well.

2. Noisy Furnace or Ductwork

It’s not uncommon for furnaces to make a little bit of noise when they’re starting up or powering down. But if your furnace is bumping and banging all day long, there’s probably a problem. Strange noises can mean everything from a broken part rattling inside your furnace to something caught in the air ducts.

Listen closely to the sound to determine where it’s coming from. It may simply be the result of air rushing through your ductwork, in which case, all you need to do is provide it with better insulation. If it’s your furnace bumping and banging, it could be the result of a blower port that needs to be oiled, an improperly adjusted pilot light, or a damaged belt. These issues are often better left to the touch of a licensed furnace service technician.

3. Heating or Rapid Cycling Problems

Is your furnace turning on and off again too quickly or simply doing so over and over again without ceasing? If so, there’s something wrong. Not only does rapid cycling problems illustrate all is not well with your furnace, but they can also be costly and cause huge spikes in your energy costs, which is why they need to be fixed immediately. 

The primary cause of such an issue is a worn or dirty air filter. So, if you can’t remember the last time you replaced yours, see if doing so gets your furnace back to normal. If not, there may be an issue with the furnace’s motor or belts, both of which will require professional attention. 

4. Furnace Isn’t Blowing Air

Has your furnace given up on blowing air completely? If so, it likely means there’s a problem with its motor or thermostat. You can inspect this issue yourself by making sure that its blower is free of debris. Once you’ve done that, if it still isn’t responding and blowing hot or cold air, take a closer look at your furnace: it should have a light installed somewhere that will either be green or red. If it’s green, it likely means there’s only a minor issue; if it’s red, it probably needs servicing. A red light can often signify that your furnace’s control board, thermostat, transformer, run capacitor, or blower motor is malfunctioning.

5. Flame Sensor Needs Cleaning

Over time, the flame sensor of your furnace can collect dust, debris, and become oxidized, all of which can affect its performance. That’s why cleaning it occasionally is a good idea. The flame sensor is located on the back of the furnace right in the path of the burner and is shaped like a small rod. To clean it, turn off the power to your furnace by switching off its breaker, then remove its sensor if possible. Scrub it gently, removing any built-up debris. Then simply reattach the sensor and power up your furnace again.

In some cases, an unclean sensor can cause a larger issue with your furnace. However, determining when is a little more difficult and will require a reliable professional. They’ll be able to perform a micro amp draw reading to find out whether the flame sensor is the cause of the issue or there’s another internal problem at play. 

Let Toshack be your furnace replacement professionals in Kingston & Brockville!

If you’re in need of furnace replacement or repair services, the team from Toshack is always available to help you find an affordable solution. Since as early as the 1930s, Toshack has been a recognized leader in the heating and cooling industry. We’re committed to offering a quick turnaround time and exceptional customer service to all those living in the Brockville, Kingston Cornwall, and Smith Falls areas.

In addition to our range of furnace replacement and maintenance services, Toshack also offers heating and cooling solutions like boiler pump repairs, air conditioning repair and installation, heat pump cooling solutions, and more. We also carry all of today’s leading heating and cooling equipment and offer air quality, tankless water heaters, and duct cleaning products and services to those in need. 

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