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Advantages of Switching to Hot Water On-Demand

Nowadays, many homeowners are struggling with enough rising energy costs as it is, without having to worry about costly furnace repair and replacement issues. That’s why many have decided to switch to hot water on-demand, installing a tankless water heater in their Brockville or Kingston homes. 

If you’re a little wary to make the initial installation investment, the team from Toshack has collected some of the biggest advantages of going tankless below. 

1. Minimized Energy Costs 

One of the foremost advantages to hot water on-demand is that it offers reduced energy costs for several reasons. The first is that, since the water is heated only when you need it rather than sitting preheated in a tank until you use it, there’s less energy loss. Additionally, since tankless water heaters can often be installed in places closer to where they’re being used, the hot water doesn’t have to travel through a larger network of pipes to reach the shower, kitchen, etc., meaning hotter water in less time. 

2. Compact, Easy Installation 

Many prefer tankless water heaters because they’re much more compact than traditional alternatives. Larger water tanks and furnaces can take up a lot of space and often need to be installed somewhere out of the way, like an attic or basement. However, tankless water heaters can easily be installed out of view in a kitchen corner, making the process much simpler. 

3. Unlimited Hot Water On-Demand 

If you’re the type of person who likes to take long showers, then tankless water heaters are ideal for you. With hot water on-demand, you’ll never run out of hot water. With the right tankless water heater installed, you can take a hot, steamy shower for as long as you like. 

Let Toshack be your hot water on-demand experts! Are you considering switching out your current water heater for something more efficient? If so, the team from Toshack can answer any questions you have. Contact us online today to learn more about installing a new tankless water heater or call 1 (888) 547-6162.

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