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How to Determine if You Need Emergency Furnace Repair

Having your furnace go kaput can really throw a wrench in your household activities. Unfortunately, it’s something that can happen to anyone, even with the right maintenance and repairs. That’s why planning for such a scenario by having a reliable emergency furnace repair team on-call is essential. 

Below, Toshack has collected a few of the warning signs to help you determine when you have an emergency on your hands that needs to be fixed ASAP. 

Rapid Cycling 

Your furnace will cycle on and off throughout the day as part of its normal operation, but if it’s cycling all the time, there’s likely a larger issue at play. This could be caused by several issues, such as faulty wiring, thermostat problems, or a malfunctioning ignition system. All of these should be corrected immediately to avoid costly repairs or breakdowns. 

Thermostat Not Responding 

If you’re cranking your thermostat and don’t see any change in the temperature, it could be due to a furnace issue. A common causes of such a scenario is when your furnace’s ignition system isn’t turning on properly. There could also be leaks in your duct system, meaning the hot air is escaping rather than traveling throughout your home. 

Yellow Pilot Light 

The pilot light for your furnace should always be blue, never yellow. If you see it has a yellow pilot light, it could be caused by a carbon monoxide leak, which calls for emergency furnace repairs ASAP. Other issues include a high level of rust or condensation. Either way, calling for an expert will help keep your home safe and get your furnace back in working order again. For safety’s sake, you should also be sure to install at least one working CO detector on every floor in your home.

Other Symptoms 

Some other common symptoms that indicate a furnace is broken or on its last legs can include the smell of gas. This means there’s a leak somewhere in the system, a clear safety issue that requires immediate repairs. Strange noises are also another problem. Although it’s not uncommon for a few bumps and clangs to come from a furnace when starting up, repeated loud noises usually mean there’s a broken component that needs to be repaired or replaced. 

Let Toshack be your on-call emergency furnace repair team! 

In an emergency, you can’t wait for hours or days for a repair team to show up. If you’re in need of emergency furnace repairs, contact Toshack online today or call 1 (888) 547-6162. 

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