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5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Furnace

Caring for your furnace and providing it with the proper annual maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure it has a long and healthy life. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and no matter how well you care for your furnace there will come a time when it gives out. 

Determining when it’s time for furnace replacement isn’t always easy, which is why the team from Toshack has collected some common signs for you below. 

1. Frequent Furnace Repairs 

Have you spent the last few years paying for your furnace to be repaired repeatedly? If so, you might ask yourself if it’s worth it. Often, a furnace replacement will be more affordable over the long term than paying for several repairs each year. 

2. Old Age 

According to most furnace manufacturers, furnaces have an average lifespan of around 15 years. If you can’t remember the last time you replaced your furnace or it’s 10-15 years old, switching it out for a newer model can help you avoid costly issues and breakdowns, and often reduce energy costs. 

3. Increased Heating Bills 

You should never have a steadily increasing heating bill year after year. If so, it could be due to your aging furnace. Over the years, components become less effective and can cause spikes in heating bills. When you notice a significant increase, it might be beneficial to contact a local repair team to perform a heating and cooling inspection.  

4. Strange Noises 

A few subtle bumps every once in a while when your furnace is starting up is normal. But if it’s clanking and clanging all day long, there’s a larger issue at play. Often, a noisy furnace is a sign of broken internal components and serious damage that may need repairs or replacement. 

5. Yellow Pilot Light 

Your furnace’s pilot light is never supposed to be yellow. If it is, it likely means that your furnace is in dire need of repairs or replacement. A yellow pilot light could mean it’s at risk of producing carbon monoxide or not burning as cleanly and effectively as it could. Either way, having an expert come check it out is essential, as carbon monoxide can pose a deadly risk to those living in your household. For safety’s sake, you should also be sure to install at least one working CO detector on every floor in your home.

Let Toshack be your Brockville and Kingston furnace replacement team!Are you suffering from one or more of the above issues? If so, it’s likely time to invest in Brockville/Kingston furnace replacement services. To schedule an appointment with the team from Toshack, contact us online today. We also specialize in heating, cooling, and plumbing services, so call 1 (888) 547-6162 for a FREE quote!

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