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Check These Things Before Deciding on Furnace Replacement

While you might believe that furnace replacement is the best option for your Kingston home, there could be an alternative that will save you money. Our team at Toshack has experience maintaining and installing furnaces, and we’re highlighting something that you should check before deciding to get a new furnace.

Air Filters

Sometimes the air filters are responsible for blocking power to your furnace system. Clogged air filters could be restricting airflow and limiting the amount of heat available through the unit. A clogged air filter might also place strain on the fan motor, causing the motor to overheat or break down.


When there is a thermostat issue in your home, your furnace might not be receiving the right information regarding temperature control. Be sure you check the performance of your thermostat before you opt for complete furnace replacement.

Ignition Systems

Without effective ignition, you won’t be able to power your furnace and produce heat for your home. So, before you inquire about the cost of a furnace replacement in Kingston, ensure you call a local specialist to review the unit’s ignition system.

Blower Motors

Interior components in your furnace could be causing power issues. For example, your blower motor could be worn out and require replacement. This is a much more affordable service than full furnace replacement, so you should have the interior components of the furnace tested before beginning the replacement process.

High Utility Bills

When your utility bills have risen significantly over a short period of time, the likely culprit is your furnace. Clogged air vents are a common cause of high heating bills. Ensure you go through your heating bills and identify when the problem began, and then consult with your local furnace maintenance company to check for potential mechanical problems.

Our trusted team at Toshack in Kingston and Brockville can provide leading furnace repair or replacement work. We have decades of experience helping local homeowners safeguard their homes and maintain their home HVAC equipment.

We also work with the latest equipment to ensure our team understands the performance of the newest furnaces from the top manufacturers. You can contact our team at any time throughout the day to book a visit to your home or to learn more about our full range of service options.

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