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A Guide to Evaluating Kingston Air Conditioning Repair Costs

The time of year is soon approaching when you might start to think about switching on your air conditioning system in your home. You might find that the unit isn’t working to peak performance after being turned off for fall and winter. In the event you are having issues with your unit, you need to call a Kingston air conditioning repair professional in order to know what is the problem and to ensure your unit is working properly.

In this new guide, we’ll explain some potential air conditioning repair costs and common issues we see arise after the winter months. *Please note these are general price estimates that will vary on a case by case service/unit basis.*

1.   Refrigerant leak detection & repair – $150-to-$500

Depending on the severity of a refrigerant leak, the cost to repair the problem could rise to about $500. The cost is also dependant on the location of the leak within the equipment. If the leak is easy for the repair technician to access, the cost can be significantly lower.

2.   Thermostat replacement – $200-to-$500

The cost for thermostat replacement will vary based on the type of thermostat you wish to add to your home. A basic model will cost about $200, but a more complex system with smart features might cost as much as $500 for total system replacement.

3.   A/C circuit board replacement – $600-to-$1,300

This is one of the more complex replacement services offered by air conditioning repair professionals across Kingston, and as such can cost close to $1,300. The total price depends largely on the make and model of the AC unit and the ease with which the circuit board can be replaced.

4.   Air conditioning fan motor replacement – $500-to-$1200

Before considering fan motor replacement, make sure you’ve discussed the potential value of a more energy efficient model with your Kingston air conditioning repair professional. The costs of fan replacement can rise up to $1200, depending on the complexity of the replacement process for your unit.

5.   Capacitor replacement

One of the more common types of repair completed by our technicians is capacitor replacement. The capacitor can be replaced for as little as $250, depending on the unit. Make sure you speak with your repair technician about the value of the replacement work and whether an upgrade is possible before you begin the repair process.

Toshack Has You Covered

Our team at Toshack is here help you achieve cost-effective repairs for your air conditioning unit. To discover more about air conditioning repair in Brockville and Kingston, or for a free quote, contact us today.

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