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5 Reasons Tankless On-Demand Hot Water Systems are Popular

Are you tired of working around your family’s shower schedule and waiting for water to warm up to the right temperature? This is just one of the reasons why many families in Brockville are turning to on-demand tankless hot water systems. Our Toshack team have outlined a few of the reasons for the current demand.

Benefits of Instant Tankless Hot Water Systems

1. Environmentally friendly

With a tankless hot water system, water is heated by a gas burner immediately for use, using only a small amount of energy. In contrast, when water is stored in a large tank, energy must be used constantly to keep it at a high temperature. Tankless hot water systems also emit far fewer greenhouse gasses and are offered in natural gas models.

2. Unlimited supply of hot water

Homeowners in Brockville are switching to hot water on demand systems that will allow them to enjoy as much hot water as they need. Since the water is heated by a gas burner, it is always readily available, whereas, in a water tank, only a certain number of litres of water can be used before your shower turns cold on you.

3. Small systems take up less space

Smaller homes or those who prefer a sleek design demand a hot water system that is not going to take up a lot of space and take over the entire exterior of their house. A tankless hot water system is a fraction of the size of a large storage tank.

4. Clean and safe water

When hot water is stored in a tank, it is far more likely to collect harmful bacteria. It is also possible for the metal tank to rust and contaminate the water over time. In a tankless hot water system, this is not an issue as water is heated on demand and is not stored in a tank.

5. Cost-efficient

A tankless on-demand hot water system tends to cost less than storage tank systems and can fluctuate in price based on how many shower heads and taps are in the home. Brockville homes with a low number of taps and shower heads should especially consider a tankless hot water system in order to save money.

Get a Hot Water on Demand Tankless Heater in Brockville

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