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Is A Tankless Water Heater Right for Your Brockville Home?

Tankless water heaters are becoming increasingly popular with Brockville residents looking to upgrade or replace their water heating system.  As the name suggests, these units have no water tank; instead they provide hot water on-demand without keeping the water stored.

Is a tankless water heater a good choice for your Brockville home?  It depends on a few things.  Here’s what you need to know!

The Benefits of Brockville Tankless Water Heaters

  • Energy savings

By far, the biggest benefit of a tankless water heater is that it can drastically reduce your water-related energy use.  Traditional tank-based heaters are extremely inefficient, because they pre-heat the water, then have it stand around in the tank.  The entire time, it’s losing heat energy, and must be reheated.

This is an extremely wasteful process.  On the other hand, tankless heaters can reduce your water heating costs by up to a third!

  • Longevity

Tankless water heaters have fewer mechanical parts, and fewer points of failure as a result.  A typical tankless water heater can easily last for 20 years or more, which is at least twice the lifespan of a traditional water heater.

  • Less flood risks

Traditional water heaters are one of the most common causes of flooded homes.  When they’re holding dozens of gallons of water, a broken pipe can quickly turn a basement into an unplanned swimming pool.

Since tankless water heaters do not store water, there is no risk of flooding.

Drawbacks to Tankless Water Heaters in Brockville

There are two primary drawbacks to on-demand water heaters.

  • Cost

Simply put, tankless systems are considerably more expensive to purchase and install.  In most cases, they will eventually pay for themselves (and more!), particularly given their long operational lifespan, but the initial installation costs will be significantly higher.

  • The more water you use, the less effective they are

As you can probably imagine, there are limits to how quickly water can be heated up on-demand.  Tankless systems are best for houses with low-to-medium levels of hot water use.  Homes with higher usage may still be better off with a traditional water tank heater, or else installing two tankless heaters.

Interested in Tankless Water Heaters?  Call the Brockville Experts at Toshack!

We can consult with you on your needs, and help you decide if a tankless water heater is right for you.  Contact us today to book an appointment.

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