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Heating Service Tips – 3 Ways to Prevent a Surprise Furnace Failure

The long winters in Ontario demand a reliable heating system that will last you through the cold months. When problems with your furnace or heating system arise, Toshack offers expert heating services in Kingston and Brockville. There are, however, a few things that you can do to prevent your heating system from failing.

Tips for Preventing Your Heating System from Breaking Down

1. Regular furnace maintenance

By having our technicians at Toshack inspect your furnace on a regular basis, they will be able to catch small problems as they arise so that you can avoid an expensive repair or replacement down the road. Professional heating service is especially important during the harsh Kingston winters when your furnace is working overtime to keep your home warm.

2. Change your furnace filter when clogged

An easy way to maintain a functioning furnace in between heating services in Kingston is to replace your furnace filter regularly. The filter is often the culprit in furnace failure as it has to work harder to pass air through when clogged or dirty.

3. Clean and clear space for your vents and registers

By vacuuming the vents and registers, which allow air flow throughout your house, the air will be able to pass through easily, so that your system does not need to do any extra work. It is also important to ensure your vents and registers are not covered by furniture so that the air does not get blocked.

4. Clear intake and exhaust pipes of obstructions

The intake and exhaust pipes outside of your home are possibly the most important elements of your furnace. In the unpredictable Kingston weather, it is important to check after a major snowstorm or buildup of leaves in the fall to make sure that your pipes are not blocked. A blockage can potentially cause the system to break down and can allow harmful carbon monoxide to accumulate inside the home. Checking the intake and exhaust pipes is a very effective way to avoid costly heating service.

Our Kingston Heating Service is Here to Help

Your heating system is essential to surviving the weather in Kingston. If you notice signs that it may be failing such as a lack of warm or cold air coming out of your vents, unfamiliar noises, or rust and leakage on the furnace itself, seek out professional heating service immediately. Call Toshack today at +1-888-547-6162  to schedule routine maintenance and make sure your furnace is in the best shape for the winter.

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