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5 Great Maintenance and Repair Tips for Your Furnace

You don’t always have to call in the pros for furnace replacement or repair in Kingston!  All too often, problems with your heating system have very simple causes, or at least can be fixed with just a little DIY knowledge.

If your furnace isn’t working properly, here are a few things to check before calling in a professional repair service.

Five Simple Kingston Furnace Maintenance and Repair Tips

  1. Check the circuit breaker

You wouldn’t believe how often we get called out to someone’s house because their heater isn’t working, only to discover that the only problem is a tripped circuit breaker.  If your heat isn’t coming on at all, this should always be the first thing you check.

  1. Check the time and batteries on your thermostat

In the vein of easy solutions, if your thermostat isn’t turning on properly, the problem could easily be dead batteries.  Check its power supply first.  If it’s receiving power, but not turning on properly, the internal clock is another common culprit.  Incorrect time settings can prevent the thermostat from turning on the heat when you need it.

  1. Clean the air filter 

Your furnace has an air filter that’s vital to keep your home’s air clean – but that filter will become dirty over time.  If left long enough, it’ll become fully clogged.  This prevents air from blowing properly through your home, and also puts considerable strain on the furnace itself.

Regularly checking and cleaning your air filter will give you better energy efficiency and prevent damage to the furnace.

  1. Keep your ducts clear

If you’re getting dust and debris coming out of your air ducts, that means the ducts themselves are dirty.  They could even potentially become clogged.  They should be cleaned regularly, for the sake of energy efficiency as well as improving your air quality.

  1. Check the pilot light

Finally, if you have an older furnace, the pilot light can frequently be a problem.  If you aren’t getting hot air, sometimes all you need to do is re-light the pilot flame.

Need Furnace Replacement in Kingston?  Call Toshack!

Since the 1930s, Toshack has been providing furnace replacement and repair services to Kingston, Brockville, and nearby areas.  If it’s time for a new furnace, we can set you up with a model that heats more, while using less energy!  Contact us directly to learn more.

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