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Biggest Myths About Plumbing Services

Plumbing is a complicated and very specific service. For this reason, many people are easily swayed by the things they hear about certain aspects of plumbing without actually determining the accuracy of the information. Below, our Toshack team uses their years of experience providing Kingston plumbing services to clear up some of the common misconceptions about the industry.

Debunking the myths below can help you save stress, time, and money by ensuring you don’t overspend on repairs that you don’t need.

Myth: As long as things are going down your drain, it’s in good condition. This is not totally true, as there are many situations where clogs can develop even as the disposal is still running. Over time, these clogs grow and develop into more significant problems.

Myth: Running water during garbage disposal use means you can throw anything in it. If you’re ever running your water and are about to throw some hard items down the disposal such as potato peelings, banana peels, or egg shells, don’t! Nothing hard should ever go down your disposal.

Myth: Leaky faucets don’t harm the environment and will resolve themselves. Even though they might seem like minor problems, leaky faucets can increase your water bill much more than you would expect. Always address this problem as soon as possible to minimize damages and the costs associated with them.

Myth: Lemons can clean your garbage disposal. Although lemons can definitely make your garbage disposal smell better, they won’t clean it entirely. For proper cleaning, professional Kingston plumbing services are needed.

Myth: You can sharpen your garbage disposal with ice cubes or eggshells. Neither of these items will have a positive effect on your garbage disposal blades. However, ice cubes can be effective for cleaning the blades.

Myth: If you mix grease with boiling water, you can throw it down the sink. Just as it does to your body’s arteries, grease in the sink will clog your drain by coating it with a layer of fat. Even if you mix it with boiling water, it will have no effect on fat breakdown and clogging. No matter how you look at it, grease doesn’t belong in your drains.

Myth: Water heater noises can lead to an explosion. The rumbling and banging sounds in your water heater might sound scary, but they’re nothing to panic about – they’re not dangerous. However, these sounds are a sign that sediment has collected at the bottom of your tank and it could use a cleaning.

If you’re looking for reliable and trustworthy plumbing services in Kingston, Toshack offers experienced and comprehensive HVAC services, no matter how simple or complex. Contact us today for more information or further questions.

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