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Why Your Office Needs a Hot Water Boiler

The hot water boiler is a critical piece of equipment in the home, and many businesses are now integrating a boiler within their offices. Our team at Toshack has decades of experience helping clients choose and install hot water boiler systems in their facilities and in this new post, we’re highlighting why your office needs a hot water boiler.

More efficient than kettles

The studies show that kettles are extremely power hungry and use up significant amounts of energy with each time they’re boiled. The average office uses its kettle 12 times per day, and so replacing the kettle with an instant source of hot water is a great way to improve energy efficiency.

Reduces time to access hot water

Kettles can often take several minutes to boil, and oftentimes those using the equipment are simply waiting by the kettle for the system to finish. A hot water boiler works by instantly delivering hot water for warm drinks and soups, and thereby reduces the need to wait for the kettle to boil. Not only does this reduce the annoyance of waiting times for staff, but it helps the company achieve greater productivity.

Saves space

A boiler can be mounted on the wall to save space and help provide more room for other equipment in the kitchen. This can mean that you can add dishwashers, and other systems to the kitchen to ensure the space remains viable to use for your staff throughout the day.

Safety features

The leading hot water boiler options available in Kingston and Brockville, Ontario are now designed with a number of safety features to prevent those using the system for burning themselves. They automatically shut off after a certain period of time and have pressure relief valves to minimize the potential for overheating within the unit.

It’s the ideal time to consider replacing your kettle with the latest hot water boiler. To discover more about these systems and their benefits, call our team today.

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