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Saving Money on Heating and Cooling in Your Brockville Home

The process of heating and cooling your Brockville property requires a significant investment throughout the year. But there are now many ways in which you can reduce your heating and cooling costs. In this new post, our team will explain how to save money on heating and cooling your Brockville property.

Set the thermostat back when possible

For each 4 degrees centigrade during the summer you set your thermostat back, you save 10% in energy costs.

Have your furnace assessed by a qualified technician

Before the beginning of the new winter season, have your furnace checked by a qualified technician. They can help diagnose any issues that might reduce furnace efficiency.

Keep curtains open during the day

Make sure your window curtains are open during the day in the winter to allow the sun to heat your home naturally.

Replace missing caulk

Missing caulk around your windows can allow warm air to enter during the summer and cool air to enter during the winter. Replace missing caulk to minimize potential energy efficiency issues.

Focus on heating the basement

The science shows us that heat rises in the home, and so during the winter season, you should make sure you focus your energy in the basement space. This will help heat the entire home over time.

Use duct cleaning services

Duct cleaning can help ensure that air is circulated throughout your home effectively. Use duct cleaning professionals to remove dust and other contaminants that might block the warm and cool air from traveling around your home.

Commit to Air Conditioning Maintenance

One of the leading issues that many homeowners face is a repair problem with their air conditioning unit. It’s important that you have a Brockville heating and cooling company examine the unit at the start of the summer ready for optimal performance during the warmer months of the year.

The experienced team here at Toshack can help you to save money on your home heating and cooling. To learn more about the company and our services, contact us today.

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