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Our Kingston Heating and Cooling Offer Tips – Going on Vacation? Follow These Safety Tips to Stay Safe!

Summer is here, and for many people, that means planning vacations.  Vacations can be great fun, but they also carry an inherent element of risk: abandoning your home for days, weeks, or even months and trusting it will be OK when you get back.

Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to help increase the chances that your home will, in fact, be totally fine when you return from your trip.  Follow these tips from our Kingston heating and cooling team to help stay safe!

Five Important Tips for Protecting Your Kingston Home While on Vacation

1 – Have someone check up on your property

If you’re going to be gone for more than a weekend, it’s a very good idea to get someone you trust to periodically look in on your house.  If something has gone wrong, they can alert you and\or the authorities.

2 – Hold your mail at the post office

Few things say “Please burgle my house” quite like a pile of mail on the doorstep, or overstuffed mailbox.  Contact your local post office and have them hold onto your mail for you, until you return.

Do the same for any subscriptions you might have, such as for a newspaper.

3 – Double-check every lock and latch

If someone gets the idea that you’re gone, they may be tempted to test your doors and windows.  Check to make sure they all work.  Don’t forget windows in the bathroom!  They’re often overlooked, and a popular point of entry for vandals.

4 – Put your lights and thermostat on a timer, if possible

It’s generally a bad idea to simply shut down your lights and heating and cooling system.  Put your lights on , if you can, so it maintains the pretense that someone is in the house. Put your lights on a timer if you can. Use your programmable thermostat to lower your heating setpoint and raise your cooling setpoint. To avoid wasting energy while you are gone. Also consider installing a Wifi thermostat, which will allow you to monitor your heating and cooling system while you are away.

5 – Be discrete

Use discretion when deciding who to tell about your plans.  Even if you trust the person you’re talking to, you never know who might be listening in!

Toshack Has Provided Quality Heating and Cooling in Kingston Since 1930!

For generations, we have been one of the top choices for heating and cooling in Kingston, providing a full range of services, as well as plumbing support.  If you’re planning a vacation, give us a call to check out your pipes and make sure everything will be fine while you’re gone.



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