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Choosing the Right HVAC Company for Heating and Cooling in Kingston

You have a lot of options for heating and cooling in Kingston and Brockville, but not all HVAC companies are equal.  It’s a booming field, and a lot of newcomers have entered the market.  Many may over-promise, and not have the capabilities to fully deliver the services you need.

However, it’s not hard to find a company providing superior heating and cooling in Kingston – you just need to do a little research and ask the right questions!

Five Questions to Ask Before Picking a Kingston HVAC Company

1 – How Much Experience Do You Have?

Often, this is the only question you need to ask.  A well-established and competent HVAC company should have years – if not decades – of experience under their belt.  The more the better!  A well-experienced company will be much more likely to do their work on time and within budget.

2 – Can I Have Some References?

When an HVAC company has been in business for years and has a track record of success, they’ll have plenty of past customers willing to speak to their competency.  Be wary of any heating and cooling operation which can’t produce some testimonials on demand.

3 – What Are Your Credentials?

A successful HVAC operation needs to be certified through groups like HVAC Excellence, as well as almost certainly belonging to major trade organizations.  Get the details on their credentials and memberships, and don’t be shy about following up with those organizations directly if you doubt the credentials’ legitimacy.

4 – What Review Websites List Your Company?

Sure, you can Google this for yourself, but it’s a nice check to see how honest they are.  If they willingly point you towards websites like Yelp, you’re probably going to find solid reviews there – but take a look anyway, just to be sure.

5 – Can I Get An Estimate?

You shouldn’t ask about price until you’ve already narrowed down your choices to contenders that look good based on the other questions.  After that, when it comes to estimates, you want details and breakdowns.  A very specific estimate generally indicates you’re working with a company that understands their costs well.  That greatly increases the chances that your final bill will be close to the estimate.

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